I just moved to Wordpress!

Dear readers,

I have finally (after a long and agonizing wait) moved to self-hosted Wordpress! It's not because I don't love Blogger, not at all. However, because of the Great Firewall of China, none of my relatives there can view my blog. This was always a sad thing for me. For those who don't know, Blogger is banned in China, along with Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

For those people who followed me on Blogger, I hope you'll still continue to support me even though I'm now on Wordpress. Hopefully I'll be able to bring you even more great content now that the move is complete.

Most of you won't have to change your links because the url is still at http://www.ichigoshortcake.com but you wont' be able to access my site through my Blogger profile anymore.

To Blogger: I will miss you and you have provided me with a memorable and invaluable start to my blogging life.

See you all over at Wordpress. :)



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