I just moved to Wordpress!

Dear readers,

I have finally (after a long and agonizing wait) moved to self-hosted Wordpress! It's not because I don't love Blogger, not at all. However, because of the Great Firewall of China, none of my relatives there can view my blog. This was always a sad thing for me. For those who don't know, Blogger is banned in China, along with Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

For those people who followed me on Blogger, I hope you'll still continue to support me even though I'm now on Wordpress. Hopefully I'll be able to bring you even more great content now that the move is complete.

Most of you won't have to change your links because the url is still at http://www.ichigoshortcake.com but you wont' be able to access my site through my Blogger profile anymore.

To Blogger: I will miss you and you have provided me with a memorable and invaluable start to my blogging life.

See you all over at Wordpress. :)



Chez Dre, South Melbourne - desserts to die for

After our meal at Seven Seeds, I wasn't yet satisfied as I didn't have any dessert. Seven Seeds didn't offer any particularly drool worthy cakes or desserts so Racheese and I ditched the boys and ventured out to South Melbourne where Chez Dre resides. It was a little hidden gem amongst the small alleyways.

I liked the decorations at Chez Dre. Even though it's similar to many cafes in terms of industrial high ceilings and walls, it somehow also had a chic and comfortable feel to it, especially the couches inside. From the entrance you can see the couches through the metal bars.

There's a long counter inside. One end is the coffee machines…

And the other is the desserts. Racheese and I took ages deciding what to order as there were too many choices available. All the mini desserts looked terrific. In the end we ordered 3 desserts between the two of us…talk about gluttony!

I love going out with Racheese as like me, she also loves to take photos of food and she's one who'd never complain if I take a few too many. :D

In the middle of the room is an open space where you can see into the kitchen. From there I saw talented chefs in the process of making delicious looking pastries.

We decided to sit outside as the inside was dark and hard to take photos, plus it was a beautifully sunny afternoon. The yard was surrounded by a cute herb garden which reminded me of the herbs I just bought for Yuye. Fresh herbs are the best!

Seven Seeds, Carlton

I've been feeling a bit drowsy and not as energetic lately. I thought it may have been a combination of my friend's wedding preparations and a bit of insomnia but I realised last Friday that it was also due to a lack of coffee and a good brunch! The last time I had brunch out was at Snow Pony which was nearly a month ago. How can one live without coffee and eggs for a month?

I dragged a few people along to Seven Seeds last Friday lunchtime. Its location surprised me as it was right next to the University of Melbourne where I studied. I remember hanging out in Law Building library and even ICT (which is where Yuye studied) but back in the day, Seven Seeds didn't exist which was a shame. I would have been there everyday for coffee if it was!

Similar to many other coffee places I've been to, Seven Seeds has a industrial/grungy feel to it. The place is made up of half painted red bricks, tall ceilings, artsy decorations and lots of people.

It even had bike racks and a dedicated bicycle area for cyclists. I wouldn't be surprised if this place was made famous by all the coffee loving law and commerce students.

As usual, I ordered a coffee to start. I got my usual latte ($3.50) which was actually very nice. A bit stronger than St Ali, it was fragrant, hot and hit all the right spots. I was so craving for a coffee like that for ages! You can tell when I take a bit long taking photos when the bubbles on the coffee starts getting big. :P Yuye decided to not order coffee this time round (he stole some of mine instead).

I didn't take as long photographing Geoff's flat white, although I didn't taste it. Isn't it the most gorgeous thing? I wish I could make coffees that looked like this.

A bit different to other cafes, Seven seeds keeps their menus on the table in a rustic box along with cutlery. Don't forget to grab your own forks and knives when your meal is served as you won't be getting one from the waitstaff.

I was a bit disappointed with the small selection of dishes available, especially the lack of poached eggs!! I was really looking forward to eating some runny egg yolks but I guess that's my fault for not doing my homework beforehand and research the menus. The only remotely similar thing I could find was the soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers which wasn't a big dish.

As such, I ordered the next best thing I could see - a special of the day written on a strip of paper at the front of the menu - tuna, kipfler poatoes, gribiche, green bean and radicchio salad for $15.

I was worried about the tuna. It could go one of 2 ways - fresh seared tuna or canned tuna but sadly it came as out as the latter. For $15, getting canned tuna wasn't exactly the most value-for-money ingredient. However, I was reasonably happy with the taste. The gribiche sauce was creamy and tasty and was the closest thing to egg on my dish (I actually found a few egg white bits in it). The potatoes were well cooked although nothing special but the overall dish came together nicely.