Food for thought & GAS Hair Studio Cafe

A recent visit to a restaurant sparked a thought that I wanted to share with all of you (rather, I'm posting this more for my own sake because probably not many people will be reading this).

It's common knowledge that there has been an outbreak of food blogs in recent years, giving birth to many self-proclaimed 'foodies' and wannabe food critics (like myself). But it is also true that anything and everything we post (food reviews especially) are individual experiences and are bound by personal taste/preference, special occurrences on the day as well as many other elements combined. Everything you read should be taken with a grain of salt, especially the extremely positive or negative comments and places that have mixed reviews. Be your own judge and actually visit some of those restaurants rather than just taking the word of some stranger on the internet.

I also believe photos of the food/restaurant are quite important as 'pictures speak louder than words'. So if photos of a particular place didn't look good, it might not be that the food or ambiance is bad, but perhaps the photographer was not skilled enough or there were lighting issues etc.

To the current and future food bloggers, sometimes it's nice to ask whether you can take photos and maybe explain what it's for so the staff are not apprehensive towards the loud clicking of your cameras. However, if you didn't ask (I forget to do this a lot) and a restaurant staff approaches you to stop taking photos, have some respect and put your camera down. I know many of you would already have encountered this since I have, even though I just started my blog. When this happens though, don't let it discourage you since many restaurants welcome the idea of food blogging (or they just can't be bothered to stop you :D).

I know I can't speak since I have and surely will still be making biased judgments about the places I visit, and at times perhaps seem disrespectful or utterly incorrect. When this happens and you believe I should change something on my blog (whether you're the restaurant owner or a reader), let me know via email (supplied on the right) or leave a comment below the post and I will take it into consideration.

Anyway, enough with the early morning rambles and on to some real posts. I think I need sleep...or some coffee...

Oh by the way, I took some photos a few weeks back of a 'new' cafe that opened right next to Century City Walk in Glen Waverley. It's really not that new anymore because I took too long to post this up (sorry that they don't even get their own post) but anyway.

I wanted to post it because it has a really nice picture of a painted butterfly on their wall and they're situated at the front of a hairdresser (GAS Hair Studio) which has been in that location for a long time. Haven't tried their food yet but their coffee was nice and there was a funny sugar on the table which Yuye and I were a bit fascinated with.

The waitress and waiter were really nice as well and young, giving the place a vibrant feel. Nice place to sit and relax before/after a movie or even while you wait for your friend to have their haircut! :)

Still not too certain how my food will taste while smelling hair chemicals and the possibility of eating an odd hair or two, but it's an interesting thought.

GAS Hair Studio Cafe
Phone: (03) 9560 1500
88 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150

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