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When Dana suggested to meet up for breakfast at Three Bags Full one Saturday morning, I gladly accepted the invitation. Three Bags Full in Abbotsford has been on my 'to eat' list for a long time but since I'm not a good morning person, breakfast out has never really worked, except this time. Even after taking a wrong turn and late about 15 minutes, Dana was still lining up outside for a seat. It just comes to show how popular and good their food really is. A booking is definitely required if you don't want to be disappointed, although I found lunch to be a little less crowded (we took a while to have our breakfast).

Located on the ground floor of a renovated old hat factory turned apartment block, with the long line outside and many fashionable dog walkers passing by, it really is a sight to see in the mornings. Especially when just a few blocks away is busy Victoria St where many Vietnamese restaurants and grocery stores reside, it was as if we just drove into a completely different country!

The menu was almost good to eat as I drooled over the prospective breakfast items and having a tough time choosing exactly which one I will have that day. Would it be sweet or savoury? Am I hungry enough to eat a big filling breakfast? These were all very important questions going through my head.

In the end I couldn't decide and went for a special of the day - pan fried pork and fennel sausage with crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs & tomato kasundi for $15.50. No one really knew what kasundi was but after tasting it, we thought it was a bit like a herby, almost curry like chutney. It was a lovely dip for all the items on my plate. I loved the sausage, albeit being a little overcooked and a bit dry. It was very tasty and went so nicely with everything else. The scrambled eggs were a little watery but according to Yuye, good scrambled eggs are always a bit watery. Yuye is always right when it comes to food. The crispy potatoes were as expected and was very filling, I still ate every last bit of it though (with a bit of help from Yuye).

Yuye got his usual with a slight twist - Eggs Atlantic for $14.50 (instead of the eggs benedict), this included eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and bread. Not a very big meal so Yuye helped me eat some things from my dish. It was definitely a nice eggs Atlantic because the eggs were cooked perfectly. The runny yolk made me all excited and almost wanted to swap plates with him. The hollandaise sauce was citrussy and creamy and accentuated the lovely aromas of the smoked salmon and eggs. Note, the smoked salmon used in this dish was not home cured, unlike the dish Dana got below. :D

Dana got the House Cured Salmon for $15.50 with corn, pea & feta fritter, avocado, rocket & dill sour cream and of course, the cured salmon. The cured salmon was a lot more intense in red colour compared to the regular smoked salmon and tasted fantastic. Not sure how they cured the salmon to give it that colour but it didn't really have a smokey flavour.

I was originally going to pick the toasted house made fig & raspberry bread with vanilla bean mascarpone, fresh strawberries and passionfruit for $14.50, but considering I was having the summer treats at Koko Black later, I didn't want to get another sweet thing. Karl ended up getting it instead which I was happy with because I got to try a little. :D It was absolutely scrumptious! The bread was dense, kind of like banana cake texture and went well with the fresh fruits on top. It wasn't the most healthy choice for breakfast because of the large amount of mascarpone but because it was so delicious, I almost wanted to finish it up for him. I'm glad I was able to control myself. :P Next time I visit Three Bags Full, I will get this dish.

Yuye ordered a cappuccino before the meal which was stunning, I wish I had the skill to make coffees this pretty!! It was a tasty coffee too. Perfectly bitter and aromatic and fairly strong in flavour which we liked.

Dana ordered a mixed berry smoothy for $6 and was very refreshing. It was sweeter than we expected which made us think it contained honey but we weren't certain. The deep red colour really captivated me though, it was so pretty!

Karl and I both ordered orange juice to start. It was probably the best orange juice I've had at a restaurant. It was a bit sweeter than normal bought orange juice and very nicely blended with pulps removed but wasn't at all watery. The only issue we had was how late it arrived. We had ordered them with the meal and they arrived after we finished the food and after about 3 complaints. Anyhow, we decided it was ok because the juice was just beautiful.

Yuye also ordered a watermelon with mint juice to accompany his meal. It was probably the least liked juice of the day, although not bad by any means, it just couldn't compare with the awesomeness of the others. :) It tasted only of watermelon juice, nothing of the mint, thus contributing to me liking the other juices more.

As some of you might know, Three Bags Full is where they found the 1930 Melbourne Cup graffiti on the wall, hidden untouched behind wallpapers that were torn down during the renovation. I took a few photos of them, it was actually really cool. :D Adds a very nice touch to the already retro factory feel.

Overall a fantastic start to an otherwise boring Saturday morning. I got to taste the wonderful food presented by Three Bags Full, experience the freshly made juices and saw just how packed it really can get. To wrap up the good morning, we also 'awwed' and 'ahhed' at the many gorgeous dogs passing by, especially the little pomeranian sitting on the back of a bicycle. :D Three Bags Full is definitely worth an early wake up, but make sure you have a booking and be prepared to wait. :)

Three Bags Full
Phone: (03) 9421 2732
56 Nicholson St, Abbotsford, 3067 <-- I tried accessing their website but it seems to be down as of when I wrote the post.

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  1. Hehe that's why I don't often go out for breakfast! I barely make it for brunch! This place looks like quite a find!

  2. @Not Quite Nigella, yes, I believe this might be the first breakfast I had out. Maybe...ever? :P I think I'll try to eat breakfast out a bit more though, because there's so many places that only open for breakfast/lunch! The lighting is good during that time too so good for photos.

  3. Wow, the colour of the house cured salmon is quite incredible! Looks like a lovely breakfast - particularly the fig and raspberry bread. Beautiful!

  4. @Agnes, I totally agree with the colour of the salmon! I was quite surprised when they brought it out. Definitely a restaurant worth visiting, I'd go back just for the fig and raspberry bread and orange juice. :D