Vivid Sydney 2010, Sydney

Happy New Year everyone!

May 2011 bring prosperity and happiness to all my readers and a year full of good food, good stories and plenty of laughter. I suppose this post is festive enough to celebrate the occasion so enjoy!

Vivid Sydney

One of the main events we attended whilst in Sydney was the Vivid Sydney festival. Vivid Sydney was first started in 2009 and has since become the major winter festival showcasing the wonderful illuminations on Sydney Opera House and numerous other buildings, live music as well as a series of conferences and seminars about ideas and creativity. This ran from May 27 to June 20 in 2010 and operated nightly from 6pm till late.

Sydney Opera House

We started our night at the Sydney Opera House (the opposite to most people just because it was closer to where we were). As it was very windy, my photos didn't turn out too well even with a tripod (although the tripod was quite a bad one…doh). Every few minutes, the light on the Opera House changed. I could have stood there for hours on end because it was SO beautiful and different to the usual Opera House we always see. However, there had to be an end to our night. The following were a series of the photos I took, isn't it lovely? :D

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

We followed the route to our next illuminated destination along Macquarie Street - the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. This is the first site along the Macquarie Visions which was a free public event part of the Vivid Sydney festival.

State Library of New South Wales

Parliament House

We were let into the gardens of the Parliament House albeit having to put all our belongings through their scanning system - what immaculate security. The security guard was staring at us the whole time as well.

I don't think I ended up taking photos of The Mint because it looked really similar to the Parliament House….how silly am I right? :S

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

By that time, Yuye and I were both chilled to the bone and it was almost midnight. St Mary's didn't look very illuminated from the side so we decided to head back to the hotel. After seeing photos taking by other people, I totally regret not pushing that little bit further! :( It was probably the most beautiful of the evening, other than the Sydney Opera House. Oh well, sometimes I try to comfort myself by saying that it's good to leave a little bit of regret or else I may never go back. :)

For more Vivid Sydney photos and review, visit Gourmantic's blog and the official Vivid Sydney website. Stay tuned for Vivid Sydney 2011!

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  1. Ooh, I love the second photo of the Opera House! It looks like it's covered in tasty, tasty sprinkles :D Lovely blog, too!

  2. Great photo Jenny! :D I must admit that I love Vivid-it gets me out at night during the chilly Winter! :D

  3. @Not Quite Nigella, yeah I wish Melbourne had events like this!! It was indeed a very beautiful sight and very chilly as well :P Next time I will remember to bring more clothes!

  4. @Hannah, thanks for your comment! :D I found that picture looked more like a swarm of bees, but then again, so did picture 10. They were all pretty cool :)